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John Brown

John Brown got started writing software while attending Balboa Elementary School, in Panama. As a 4th grader he quickly progressed from BASIC to Fortran and Pascal. Over the next 42 years John has been actively involved with both hardware and software development.

He has actively been involved with Internet technologies since 1984, when as a high school student he connected via the local University’s UNIX systems. He has held senior management, technical, training and customer support engineering roles at various companies in and out of Silicon Valley.

He was the principal networking and technical engineer for ICANN’s L-Root DNS server, part of the global critical DNS infrastructure. He is passionate about protecting the Internet from cyber criminals, teaching and passing on knowledge to others so that the Internet remains an open and safe.

John holds CISSP and a CISSP Instructor certifications, various Mikrotik Certifications and other industry certifications. In his non-work time, he enjoys downhill skiing, building and flying airplanes, traveling the world and spending time with his family.